Data Driven Behavior Change for Sustainable Campus Life at Macalester College can be achieved by sharing real-time energy and water consumption data with the students, faculty, staff, and the community. The most effective way to achieve this is to have this live data available on any device.

Explore all of the pages which drill down deeper to inform you about your energy and water usage on campus.

Important Links

Macalester College, Living Laboratory, Real-Time Metering
features MAMAC as a partner, links to all bldgs on line with Mavericks
Macalester College Sustainability Office
features US Dept Educ Green Ribbon Schools, what is sustainability at Macalester, we've got big plans
EcoHouse at Macalester College
Significant "green" renovations in 2007, including a domestic solar hot water system, a recyclable steel roof and more
Macalester Sustainability Tour
Very impressive map on sustainability, but in a pdf
Macalester College Receives LEED Platinum Certification for Markim Hall
First college or university facility in state to achieve this status